Renault Clio 2011

New Renault - Why the Clio is One of the Best Superminis

The New Renault Clio is considered to be one of the best mini's on the market. It comes in a 5 door model that is quite spacious and roomy and a smaller sportier 3 door hatch back model. Both feel and ride like much bigger cars. The Clio is a very sturdy, driver friendly car that offers surefooted road handling even at higher speeds and through different terrains. The new Clio has a lot to offer in a small, sleek stylish package.
The 3 door New Renault Clio is a very well priced car starting at an affordable £9,995 for the basic entry level Extreme 1.2. The top range GT comes in at a reasonable £14,445. Equipped with a new fuel efficient engine, a better looking rear and front view and a bigger cabin that allows for sufficient shoulder and leg room this model is much improved over past versions. You may have a factory fitted Tom Tom sat nav system installed for £450 extra, a real bargain considering the price you would normally pay for most integrated sat nav systems.
Renault has always been known for it's exceptional performance record in the multitude of crash tests their vehicles have all undergone in the past. The New Renault Clio is no exception to this rule. The Clio scored very well when it comes to protecting both adults and children and even pedestrians. The entry level models all come with side and front airbags, they higher range models offer curtain airbags as well. All models have ABS electronic brake distribution and child seat mounting and even a 2 alarm system is available as a standard item.
The New Renault Clio is idea for a small family. It's fuel efficient, saving you a good bit of money at the pump and it handles very well. There's plenty of room for 4 to be seated comfortably and it offers passengers a gentler and much safer ride than a few of the past models. All in all the Renault Clio is well made car that has a lot to offer for the cost and it lives up to the famous Renault reputation.
Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses New Renault cars.

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